How to Prepare Best Nigerian Jollof Rice [PHOTOS]

Hello Nigerian food lovers, today, we will be teaching you with pictures, how to prepare the best Nigerian jollof rice that will keep your spouse, kids, siblings, and friends asking for more.

Remember, this is not the traditional jollof rice you probably have been cooking and eating, this one is a very special and tasty jollof rice that will keep you salivating and asking for more.

See details below after page cut:

Beautiful Nigerian Custom Cakes [PHOTOS]

One great thing about Nigerians is their love for taste and custom....and no matter how hard you try, you can take away that pride for our food in us! See more beautiful Nigerian cake pictures below after cut:

How To Prepare Shawarma Bread + Recipe

Uhmm....welcome back to Nigeriakitchen, the Premiere Nigerian kitchen website and local dish restaurant. We all love shawarma, I do...and today, we want to bring you an easy-to-follow steps to prepare a bread shawarma for your family yourself without having to visit any fast food restaurant. Remember, in as much as it is good to give your family a treat at your favorite restaurant, please don't make it a least make out time to prepare some delicacies yourself and serve your loved ones...the joy of watching them enjoy what you made can never be over-emphasized.

On that note, I bring to you, steps to prepare a bread shawarma below: