Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to Make Fried Stew – Obe Ata Dindin – Nigeria Kitchen

Nigerian fried stew also called Obe Ata Dindin in Yoruba language is a popular soup that goes well with rice (easy cook rice, basmati, Ofada). You can also have Nigerian fried stew-Obe Ata dindin with Yam, sweet potatoes or bread. What sets this fried stew apart from other types of Nigerian soup is simply the preparation.
Fried Stew – Obe Ata Dindin

·         Beef
·         Cow Tripe (Saki)
·         Turkey
·         Chicken
·         Red, Green and Yellow bell pepper (Tatase)
·         2 Plum Tomatoes
·         1 Scotch bonnet (Rodo)
·         1 Onion
·         Aromat seasoning, 1 Knorr cube, Salt, Dried mixed herbs
·         Palm Oil

Cooking Instructions

·         Chop the three bell peppers, onion and scotch bonnet into thin slices
·         Get the plum tomatoes out of the tins and chop them into small bits
·         Add Palm oil into a reasonably sized pot and allow it to heat up for about 5 mins
·         Add the slices of peppers, tomatoes and onion
·         Add a little bit of water to loosen the thickness of the mixture
·         Add Knorr cube, aromat seasoning, dried mixed herbs and salt (watch video for measurement)
·         Reduce your cooker’s heat to medium level and allow mixture to cook for 20 – 25 minutes
·         Stir the mixture and add your beef, tripe, turkey and chicken. Stir and leave it on fire for 5 more minutes.
·         Get your plate of rice and add this delicious Nigerian fried stew to it!

Watch The Video below:

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