Saturday, August 6, 2016

How to make plantain chips – crisps

plantain chips
Plantain chips or crisps are really nice and tasty snacks that can be made in few minutes. I won’t particularly call it a Nigerian food recipe as it is a popular snack in several countries across the world. Here is a breakdown of what you need and how to make this tasty snack.
  •          Unripe Plantain (It is ok when it’s got traces of yellow on it)
  •          Knife
  •          Chopping Board
  •          A bowl
  •          Salt
Cooking Instructions
  •          Cut through the plantain’s skin using a knife and peel off the skin
  •          Place the plantain on the chopping board then cut into thin slice using a knife.
  •          Put the slices of plantain in a bowl and add a little bit of salt for taste.
  •          Heat up your deep fryer then add the slices of plantain
  •          Allow the plantain to fry until golden brown
  •          Place a kitchen towel on a plate to drain the oil and it’s ready!

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